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Basic rules

HelpGo, is the name given to a game of this game.
HelpGo simply has a small grid with 6 dice and 6 objects to choose from.
Each dice has different colored dots on each of its faces and each object have a different color
and must match one of the dice colors.In the proposed HelpGo the object is a circle
that represents a piece.

The goal of this game is to remove as many pieces as possible from the grid using the dice dots.
Each dice and the location of each piece are drawn at random, which allows to be in possession
of several billion different HelpGo. The draw takes place the moment a player starts a game.

How do I play?
Select a die by clicking on it to activate the piece that has the same color as the dots.
When activated, the piece can be moved or used to push another piece to help it out or put it in
a better position.
A die higher than 1 point can thus give right to several moves.

How to move an active piece?
To move an active piece, simply click on the destination square or in the circle outside to remove
it. Each point gives the right to move one square and the squares between the starting square
and the destination square must be free.
The direction of the move is free (up, down, left, right or diagonal) but must remain the same
until a new die is selected.

How to move the assisted piece?
To push a piece you use the dots of the active piece.
The pushed piece must be directly next to the active piece.
The direction of movement will be the straight line formed by the 2 pieces
(the active and the assisted).
As for the active piece, you must click on the destination square and the squares
between the start and the finish must be free.

What is the result?
When there are several players on the same HelpGo, a score is established that takes into account
2 elements, the number of pieces that have been taken out ( X 100) and the number of dots
remaining ( X 1). The remaining dots are calculated by adding the dots of the unused dice
and the balance of the last used die.
The highest score when adding the two is the best.
In case of a tie, the time taken to complete the task is used to break the tie.

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