Playing with others

The person who asks for the challenge receives a number with 6 letters and communicates it
to the others.This number is used to display the challenge on other screens.

Two game formulas
- play separately with the same challenge and record the score.
- a system with bids on the score you think you can achieve.

A formula where everyone plays for themselves

The challenge is displayed with its number, solved and the score recorded. Everyone has the
possibility to check the scores of the other candidates.
In this formula, the time taken to complete the task is taken into account, which will help to
decide between candidates who have achieved the same score. The time starts as soon as the
challenge is displayed on its screen and stops when you click on finished.

Formulas with bids

A simple smartphone placed in the centre of a table is already sufficient for several players.
If several screens are used, the last letter of the number is given when everyone is ready.

All participants are free to announce a bid at any time.The starting bid cannot be smaller than
the number of dice over 2 points multiplied by 100.
Auctions are rewarded with coins, cards, stones or other items that can be shared. Each bid is
rewarded with one unit. It is possible to overbid on your own bid, but this does not pay off.

The player who offers the best bet receives 5 units if he succeeds in his bet. The realisation
must be done without a pause and the prohibition to start again. If he fails, he will be
penalised and will have to hand over 5 units, but he has the possibility to reduce the penalty
if he finds an opponent able and interested to take over the achievement against
a fee of 1,2,3 or 4 units (new bids between interested opponents).The aim of the buyer is
to receive the 5 units even if he has to pay a fee.

The number of units to be distributed is to be agreed at the beginning of a game.
A game ends when the stock is exhausted and the winner is the one who has the most.

Nice challenges to all